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Frankfurt Banking Tour

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Building on the success of previous editions, SCOPE offers you the excellent opportunity to experience six world-renowned companies, such as Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, during workshops, presentations, networking events, and recruitment dinners in Frankfurt. 

The Frankfurt Banking Tour (FBT) will take place from the 15th until the 19th of November 2022 and is aimed at Bachelor, 3rd year, and Master’s students with a profound interest in Finance! Because most of the firm's clients are German, German proficiency is required.

The FBT connects students from SBE with six incredible companies in the  Frankfurt banking scene and provides the opportunity to get insights into their proceedings, challenges, and company culture. Furthermore, personal contact can be established through drinks and dinners after the workshops, and possibilities for employment or internships can be discussed in a casual environment.

We will depart on Tuesday, November 15th, at 7 pm. From Wednesday to Friday, we will visit two companies per day. In addition to company visits, SBE and SCOPE jointly organized an Alumni event that allows the participants to connect with SBE alumni and be provided with first-hand working experience in Frankfurt. Besides excellent academic backgrounds, we also planned fun socials for you! We will be back in Maastricht early afternoon on Saturday, November 19th.

The participation fee is €75 for SCOPE members (or 150€ for NON-SCOPE members, see description below), and the trip includes transportation to and from Frankfurt, accommodation, and breakfast. Some companies might provide lunch, dinner, or snacks. Participation in all events of the FBT 2022 is mandatory once the companies select you and the SCOPE blacklisting policy applies. 

To apply to the FBT, please prepare your CV and a motivational letter of 200 - 400 words maximum. Make sure to include your GPA on your CV, as some companies might require this!


Registration opens on the 3rd of October at 09.00hrs. Please send an e-mail to in case you have any questions.


When and Where?

Frankfurt, from the evening of the 15th to the 19th of November 2022



  • Goldman Sachs

  • Deutsche Bank

  • Commerzbank

  • Clearwater International

  • Evercore

  • Lincoln International


What will be the main activities?

  • Six company visits

  • One Alumni event

  • Recruitment activities, dinner, and drinks

  • One social activity 


Participation fee €:

  • 75 € for SCOPE members (active and passive- make sure to become a passive member as soon as possible, it only takes 5 minutes)

  • 150 € for NON-SCOPE members