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Community Case Challenge 2024


Ignite Change and Drive Solutions in Your Community!

Dive into the world of strategic consulting and make a tangible impact with our Community Case Challenge—an unparalleled opportunity crafted for ambitious SBE students.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle real-world business challenges? Join us as we partner with local companies to solve pressing strategic issues. As a participant, you’ll not only apply your academic knowledge but also gain hands-on experience while contributing to the growth of the Maastricht community.

What makes this experience exceptional?

  • Real Projects, Real Results: Work directly with a company on their specific issue. Your solutions will take shape over two months and help solve real problems. This isn’t just theory—it’s practical application at its finest.
  • Diverse Collaborative Environment: Engage in dynamic teamwork with a group of five students, each bringing a unique background and skills to the table. It’s a melting pot of perspectives and innovation.
  • Guidance from Experts: Benefit from the guidance of academic and industry-leading professional coaches from esteemed consulting firms and industry leaders. This isn’t just a challenge; it’s also a gateway to valuable networking opportunities.

The Journey Ahead:

  • Kick-Off: the challenge will be initiated with an opening event where you’ll meet your team, get in touch with the company and your coaches, better understand the objectives, get additional insights into the challenge and start connecting the dots for the upcoming months while enjoying some snacks and refreshing drinks provided by SCOPE.
  • Research, Analysis, and Solution: Immerse yourself in comprehensive research and analytical processes to uncover the key issues and start crafting innovative solutions. Engage directly with the assigned companies, further assisted and guided by your academic and professional coaches. Receive invaluable feedback that refines your approach and thinking.
  • Presentation and Evaluation: Showcase your solutions to fellow participants and company representatives during our Closing Night. SCOPE invites all participants, coaches, and companies to this gala night where you will be able to show everyone your solution, receive your certificate of participation, network, and further discuss your ideas over a tasteful dinner and drinks.
  • Impactful Implementation: Witness the potential impact of your solutions as companies explore implementing your team’s strategies—real change stemming from your hard work and dedication.

Throughout this two-month journey, you’ll have unfettered access to resources, training, and mentorship, empowering you to enhance your skills and personal development.

Seize this Life-Changing Opportunity! 

Stay tuned for more information on how to register and embark on this transformational experience!